Three Recommended Selfie Cameras in 2017

Three Recommended Selfie Cameras in 2017

With the increasing popularity of selfies, many camera manufacturers release various types of cameras to accommodate this trend. Various features are designed to make sure the process of selfie-shooting can be done easily, from automatic shots feature that will be capture yourself once you are ready to delayed exposure that allow you to prepare your pose.

Better image quality and more flexible focal lengths also enable the users to enjoy a better quality of selfie for Photo filters, such as slimming and skin smoothing filters will also help you maintain your look despite less make up, and boost your confidence. In this article, we will give brief reviews on some of the recommended cameras designed for selfies.

The first product comes from Panasonic. Panasonic Lumix LX15 is a compact camera equipped with various selfies modes, including slimming and soft skin, and flip-up touch screen. With this camera, you can capture photos of yourself easily. The highlights of this camera is its very compact design and wonderful image quality. You can even record a 4K video with this camera. Selfie in low-light setting? No problem! Lumix LX15 has a large aperture with f/1.4 allowing more lights to enter the lens. It also help to blur the backgrounds and focus on your face. The battery life, however, may be pretty short, thus you need to make sure to charge it full before you use it.

The next product is Sony RX100 III. This camera offers a magnificent image quality and LCD with high resolution. The screen is able to tilt upwards up to 180 degree and more. The high resolution screen is truly a highlights of this camera. There is a 3-seconds delay feature that allow you to prepare your pose better before the camera captures your looks. It also has a compact designed combined with an integrated electronic viewfinder, which adds more value to the camera.

Info: Tips and Tricks to Take a Good Selfie

Another product from Panasonic called TZ90 is also a recommended selfie camera. This camera is considered one among the smartest cameras on the market when it comes to selfies. It provides a lot of selfie features, such as slimming and soft skin mode. You can even choose whether to blur your background or not. The Buddy Shutter feature allow the camera to automatically capture the photos once you and your friends bring your faces together. This camera is truly the best deal you can have for a selfie camera.

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Tips and Tricks to Take a Good Selfie

Tips and Tricks to Take a Good Selfie

In this modern era, taking a picture of yourself or selfie is a trend among people even with, thanks to the rapid development of smartphones. It is a great way to show your fashion sense, personality, and confidence to the world. However, sometimes your selfies don’t do your face a justice. In this article, we will give some tips and tricks to take a good selfie.

You can read some tips about how to strike a pose for a good selfie on the following list below.

• Capture a nice angle: try to do selfies from different angles. Turning several degrees to your left or right will make your features look less flat. You can also hold the camera a little bit higher than the head to make the eyes appear larger and avoid larger nose. It is important to know which part of your face is the good side to get a great selfies.

• Show something new: if you want to show new earrings or haircut for your selfies, make sure these features are well-framed in your selfies to give highlights to your photos.

• Show a cheerful pose: a sullen face will not make a good selfie. You can also take a selfie with your recently-bought items or food that you want to eat.

• Focus on certain features: for close-up selfies, it is important to focus only on certain or even one feature. You can wear a lipstick if you are proud of your smile, or wearing eye shadow to enhance the look of your eyes.

• Make interesting expressions: try to play with various types of smile you have, from as simply as grin to laughing. A collected of and cool expression is also worth to try.

Good Selfie

• Take a whole-body selfie: you can stand at the front of a huge mirror to take a picture of your whole body. Make sure no random objects at the background to focus the photos on your body feature.

• Avoid using excessive filters: showing the real you is more interesting than to use unnecessary filters. You can try using light makeup to give an impression of natural look for your selfies.

Any types of photography need a good lighting to get the best result, so do selfies. Here are some tips to manage the lighting for the best selfies.

• Avoid using flash for your selfies because it will possibly give a redeye effect, distort your looks, and create forehead glares.

• Natural light gives a better colors than lamp. However, artificial lights can also work to fill shadows. If your lighting is not really good, you can edit your photo with color correction features on photo editing application.

• Thin curtains can be used to diffuse a light source, be it artificial light or sunlight. It will makes the light look more flattering and softer, which can give an impression of softer smile and facial lines.

• To get the most satisfying shot, make sure the light sources are places at the front of yourself, slightly above the eye level. It will soften and brighten your features.

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